Awhile back a close friend revealed she was pregnant with her first, and I could not have been any more excited! I pretty much immediately went home and started thinking of ideas for a baby shower. I really can’t help but to begin party planning before I have a party to plan. I really wanted to throw her a sweet outdoors shower, but I didn’t even know if she wanted a party! When I asked her if I could throw her one, she was reluctant because she so sweetly doesn’t like being the center of attention. I hope I didn’t pressure her too much, but I was pretty persistent and she finally gave in. And I am so glad she did, because I has so much fun throwing this shower for her and she received so much love and sweet gifts from friends and family. 

I wanted to throw her a woodland inspired shower, because her and her husband love to spend time outside and they enjoy hiking and skiing together. Making my job a little harder, she didn’t find out the gender of the baby beforehand, so I had to throw a gender neutral shower. The woodland theme is so perfect for those who plan to wait to find out the gender of their little one. 

I made cream puffs for the first time! Choux pastry is now my favorite thing to make. I seriously felt like I was on the Great British Baking Show while making these delicious cream puffs. They came out so delicious and all the guests loved them! 

Okay, if you haven’t made these ham and cheese sandwiches before, you NEED to. They are a new discovery for me and they are absolutely amazing. Purely addictive and so easy to make. 

My sweet husband helped me make these “acorns”. They are filled with peanut butter oreo cheesecake and are to die for. 

I made an apple spice cake with a cinnamon cream cheese frosting, and let me tell you, it was amazing. So moist and so perfect for this woodland themed shower. 

I had my guests write their addresses on envelopes for the mom-to-be so it could be one less thing for her to worry about. I also did a diaper raffle to motivate people to bring diapers for the new parents! 

Cheap party tips: Flowers in mason jars are the perfect inexpensive way to add color and life to a party. It was a tad bit windy so I added rocks to the bottom of the jars so they wouldn’t tip over! Trader Joe’s sells huge bundles of eucalyptus for only $3.99! I bought 3 bundles and spread them on tables and around the food on the main table. This cheap trick added so much color, smelled amazing, and brought the woodland theme to life.